Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm worried.

There's a girl in my group therapy I've gotten to know outside of group. Her name is Mo and I really like her. At first, I felt incredibly competitive with her because she's literally sixty pounds. But once she opened up in group, I was able to see past her eating disorder and see her for the beautiful girl truly is...

She's 26 years old now, and has had an eating disorder since she was 8. She's been in and out of so many treatment facilities, it's ridiculous. A year ago she only weighed 46 pounds and was in and out of consciousness for months. She's improved in the past year, and her heart is really in recovery. I really like her a lot.

We've been texting and talking on the phone. She was going to come visit me at my starbucks today, but she never came. I've tried texting and calling her all day and haven't heard from her once.

I'm worried. I haven't told anyone else about how worried I am about Mo, because no one really knows about my relationship with her. But I'm scared she's in the hospital or she's died. I'm hoping her phone's just dead, or even that she's mad at me for some unknown reason and that's why she's not answering. I just want her to be okay. The thing is, I wouldn't be surprised if she's in the hospital or dead. That's probably the scariest part.

This blog is the only place I could think of to express how worried I am about my friend. I know I've been bad at keeping up with my blog, so forgive me for neglecting it. I'm ok, alive, and well enough. I'll try to blog again in the next few days.

Dear Mo, I hope you're alright. I hope I'm just paranoid.