Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Blog, New Focus

Hello peeps :) First of all, I love every single one of you who reads this post and even finds the time to comment. I am extremely grateful for this family I've found here and on my youtube channel.

I feel like it's time for me to move on from my eating disorder though, and find all my "Ragan Mae" social networks triggering. "Ragan Mae" reminds me of darker days that I need to stop contemplating so intensely.

I started a new blog with my real married name. You guys are more than welcome to follow it. I will sometimes talk about eating disorder subjects, but mostly, it will talk about what I'm dealing with on a daily basis.

Thank you for following me here. I'm truly grateful for this community.

My new blog is


  1. i don't really come on my blog much anymore and when i last read your blog you were really struggling. to see this post (and i had a peek at your new blog) made me so happy. i've entered recovery recently and i'm struggling at the moment, but you're such an inspiration and give me so much hope. good luck with everything in the future and congratulations on your marriage, xo.

  2. I am almost fully recovered and am at my goal weight now, but feeling uncomfortable in my new body, after so many years of being so sick and underweight. Thank you for posting all your updates and videos; you give me hope and support that I too can put my bulimia/anorexia behind me and get on with my life. Keep going forward, don't let any setbacks trap you into relapsing. I think you look awesome and fit. :)

  3. Hey there! I'm a fellow blogger over at My Daily Jenn-ism. Every March I do a series I call "Mental Health March" and I'm looking for a blogger who will do a guest blog on eating disorders for me.
    Are you interested? Sorry to comment here, but I didn't know ho to contact you.

  4. hey check out my blog

    recovered bulimic trying to graduate highschool

  5. This blog is great. I have started my own blog on my ed and how I am fighting it. It is really helpful to get these things off my chest and I hope it can help others too!! It is

  6. Eating Disorders are a growing problem especially in the Muslim world which should be resolved and it is possible If we spread awareness. For more information visit our blog.

  7. I love your blog, I think its great that your so open about your struggles.
    I just recently started my own blog, which has a lot about my personal struggles with eating disorders too.
    wish you all the best x

  8. Hey! Just saw your new video (June 12, 2015) and I would love to see more videos from you about your gluten intolerance and how to adapt certain things to fit your new lifestyle also videos about your new career (what you're studying now) and some vlogs would be fun but I so understand if you don't do the vlog thing since it can be a little too personal/overwhelming. Good luck xoxoxo