Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Off day

Ok, I have to admit I must be a total idiot but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to reply to comments. I've been wanting to reply to comments on my blog for a fairly long time and for some odd reason, I'm unable to find the right button. So any suggests would be fabulous!

I somehow made it through the day without bingeing or purging. I came close several times, to the point where I had everything set out to binge. I'm glad I didn't. My throat is killing me and I've felt odd all day, especially tonight. I've even ate more than I was planning because I feel like I'm losing my mind...low blood sugar? low potassium?

I told Viv, my dietician, I was going to make it four days without bingeing/purging this week. One day down, three to go!

I saw Black Swan this afternoon and enjoyed it! Though I think people made it sound more contraversial than it actually was. For instance, I had a several people tell me or gossip to someone else that Natalie Portman's character is bulimic, and it would be very triggering for me. For the record, the "bulimia" parts aren't anything special and they were definitely NOT triggering. If anything was triggering, it was just how small all the ballerinas were in general.

I'm tired and wish I could say something interesting, but everything beens "off" today. Nothing feels right. Hope you all are doing well!


  1. a lot of people made it sound really controversial,some critic-i think- described it as "eating disorder porn"! i'm really curious to see it! especially now that you assured us it's not triggering.

    i'm glad you made it through the day without binging or purging!
    stay strong for the next days,you can do it! :)

    well,to reply to comments,you just have to post yourself a comment on your own post. i don't think there's another way to do it,unless you post a comment on the person's blog. usually people write @nickname, to address directly someone and then reply to the comment on their own post.
    hope my suggestion was clear enough! :)


  2. Yay! See? You're doing it! ^.^ Eee, this has brightened up my day a bit y'know, so thank you :3 Just gotta keep truckin' along ;D x

  3. I love love love loved Black Swan

    and 4 days! I'm going to join you on this challenge if you don't mind. I got day 1 down too! :)

    Love ya rae

  4. Hi Rae. I initially liked Black Swan, and now, though I still do, I've realized a lot about the purging scenes bother me. I am a ballet dancer myself, and I think dancing had a lot to do with my ED, so I completely relate to the pressure she was under to be perfect in every way. On the other hand, it really pisses me off that the vomiting was stuck in there so casually. It was put in the movie as if it was something one would expect from a dancer, as if it were ok to do. It makes the people who don't understand EDs even less understanding because the movie made it seem like ED's aren't serious. Natalie's thinness was also too unrealistic.

    I'm sorry for rambling in your comments section. Good for you for not B/P today. I hope you feel better tomorrow! :-)