Saturday, December 31, 2011

Overall, A Fun Night!- Dec 30, 2011

So you all know I was feeling so down from that negative comment left on my YT. I didn’t feel like going out or doing anything other than staring at a wall. But I’m glad I did :) Caryssa, my brother and his friend Alec went to the roller-skating rink. We used to go there with my church every year, the day after Thanksgiving for the “Turkey Skate-Off” but my church stopped doing that when we were teenagers so we both haven’t been since.

Funny how nothing’s changed there! Except maybe everyone seems so young and small. Most people there were kids, parents, or teenagers. Caryssa and I were a rare species and unintentionally drew some attention from the guys our age who were employees. We had fun and took lots of pictures!

However, an hour into the 2 1/2hr skate time, I had to stop. I felt shaky and my heart was beating rapidly. I felt so bad for Rissy because I felt like I ruined her fun, but she assured me she was just fine stopping. Haha, we were like old ladies- she has rheumatoid arthritis and I have osteoporosis. GREAT. My ankles were hurting so badly and I just felt so drained! I used to run for two hours straight, on average 10 miles every day and I can’t ROLLERBLADE for ONE HOUR?!

I suppose it was my own fault for not really eating for a few days and then thinking I’d be just fine doing this exercise. Apparently, the body doesn’t do well went it doesn’t have fuel.

So we picked up pepperoni pizzas and headed back home with the boys. Rissy and I watched Tim Hawkins DVDs, a comedian, and ate pizza.

It’s embarrassing to say, but I didn’t keep the pizza. Boo me! So I replaced it with food I knew I’d keep- 2% cottage cheese, gatorade, and REAL hot chocolate with cream. I feel guilty for even that but I keep telling myself food is fuel and my body needs it to work properly.

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