Sunday, May 13, 2012

Favorite Food Questions (Take from "Life Without Anorexia"

Name 5 foods that you can't live without:
 apples, sweet potatoes, beets, bananas, spinach

Name 5 foods that you eat everyday:
apples, raisin bran cereal, bananas, avocados, dave's killer bread

5 favorite sweets:
soy ice cream, sorbet, dark chocolate, ginger chews, vegan banana muffins

Favourite ice-cream:
vanilla with caramel, or mint

What i order in a restaurant:
 Depends! I love this vegan restaurant that always has something delicious to offer. I love soups and salads, and tofu dishes

What i cook if i have guests:
 Starter - salad, soup
Main: chickpea quinoa pilaf with vegan sausage
Dessert: sorbet with fresh fruit

Something you eat/drink now that you never thought you'd like
mushrooms, kombucha, sweet potatoes, bananas

Which meal do you like best?:


  1. dave's killer bread hahaha =) must be good. I had to google kombucha...if I ever come across that one in real life, I will definitely think of you! (and hopefully give it a try)

    btw I changed my blog's url. it's now

    I hope things are going well for you. take care xx

  2. I was wondering your opinon on proccessed foods, specifically white flour/ white sugar. My nutritionist has told me that white flour is broken down the same way as whole wheat. I have been battaling with this back and fourth in my head and it is hard to know what is 'eating disordered' thinking and what is just an ernest attempt at health. I was vegan preceeding my eating disorder but had to stop while ongoing with treatment. If you have time it would be much appreciated if you made a video or blog on this topic. THANKS!!!