Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm Happy!

Today was such a beautiful day! I went on a run and it felt glorious to have the sun kissing my skin and warmth to counter the still crisp air. When I was on my run, I realized how happy I am. I'm doing good. Things are going well. I have friends. There's six different friends I now hang out with on a weekly basis and my friend Nicole will be moving back to Spokane in a few weeks! To think not long ago, I literally hung out with NO ONE. 

I went out with Caryssa today. We got our makeup done at Mac because we became friendly last time we were there with a girl named Erica. She's so loud and bubbly and freaking adorable. Both Rissa and I love her! She did a great job with my makeup, focusing on purples that bring out my hazel eyes. Afterwards Rissa and I ate at this lovely restaurant that has a vegetarian/vegan menu and it was DELICIOUS! I had this butternut squash bisque soup with a ginger tofu salad, as well as fresh warm bread and a glass of red wine. It was a nice little evening. 

I came home and started making some of the vegan menu items for our Easter dinner tomorrow. I hope they turn out!! So far, I've been quite successful in all my vegan cooking and baking. It would be a shame if things didn't turn out now when it's such a big holiday in our home and so many people are coming over. 

I'm content :) I feel loved. I feel happy. I feel at peace. I'll relish in these warm feelings because knowing life, I won't always feel this way.


  1. As always, love the positive attitude =D I hope you have an extremely blessed and relaxed Easter! Thoughts and prayers to you and yours <3

  2. Oh this makes me so happy to read <3.

  3. I am so glad you are happy, you deserve to be happy soooo much,

    Dont say that, Lets hope this feeling you are currently encountering lasts for ever,