Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm pretty annoyed with my family right now. Every little thing they say and do is like a cheese grater on my head.

There's plenty I should be doing right now. I'm in a weird mood though. It's just one of those nights. I think I'm more annoyed at myself than anyone else. There's bills I need to pay. A room and bathroom to clean. Several loads of laundry to do. I was also planning on a run this evening, but that was ruined pretty quickly when I got home and purged. Besides, I'm supposed to be taking things easy.

Definitely in a funk. First time in weeks I feel tempted to self-harm.


  1. I hope you got through the evening safely. You're always going to have ups and downs, everyone does. Recovery is dealing with those ups and downs in a safe way :)
    Instead of getting overwhelmed by housework could you have a fixed routine, like a laundry day? It wouldn't work for me so it might not for you but just an idea.
    Keep ninja-ing! xxx

  2. Hope you got through last night ok. Things get tough sometimes but your posts show that you are STRONG and you will get through will pass. Wishing for you!

  3. Do you think mood swings are a "normal" part of recovery? I mean I think they are a part of life in general, but just asking because I've been told by one of my treatment professionals that I'm quite moody, and she thinks it could be due to a chemical imbalance...but I feel like recovery is tough, and there are bound to be ups and downs. I don't know...I hope today is better for you!

    1. The mood swings generally improve with more time in recovery - but yes, they're normal. It's hard to expect someone to be mentally stable when you're lucky if 50% of your days are "good" - if you're constantly flipping from good to bad, you're bound to have some mood swings. It gets better.

      And Rae, in terms of struggling with drinking water, have you tried adding lemon juice to it? I find that squeezing a lemon into water (like, half a lemon, not just a slice) helps me get through the 80oz I'm supposed to drink a day (pregnancy, yay)