Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Doctor's Appointment

I can finally say I had a doctor's appointment and it was great! Dr. White was very pleased with how well I've been doing. I think I nearly shocked him- he wasn't expecting it at all, since I've been steadily trending downward these past eight months.

My weight is up a great deal. It's hard to cope seeing that number on the scale. A part of me wants to scream. My blood pressure is still low, but not nearly as low as last time thank God! He was actually pleased with my newfound vegan lifestyle, considering it's a vast improvement from how I've been living, or not living depending on how you look at it.

I'M APPROVED FOR EXERCISE!!!! YES! So happy about it :) As long as I don't lose weight, replace calories burned, and stay accountable to my team.

OH and I told my mom about my veganism. She was strangely OK with it. I think, like my team, she sees how it's been beneficial for me. As long as I'm eating, getting enough of everything, and keeping it right?

My mom suggested I do their TRX class at the Y with them. That's the first time she's ever suggested it, and it makes me happy that she did. It means she's okay with me exercising too. So I did that class with them and though it wasn't cardio, it was still good for strength building. I suspect I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

All in all, a good day :)

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  1. great job, girl...keep it up! just keep reminding yourself that the number is just that...a number.

    while it IS fantastic proof that you're achieving health on your own (well...with the help of your team of course, but no tubes, no forcing, no trying to please anybody else, etc.), it is by no means definitive of WHO YOU ARE :)

    i hope you can view your necessary weight gain as the accomplishment that it TRULY is! if anything, think of it as the testament to your STRENGTH, the symbolism representing the regaining of your control. if you can do this, you can honestly do ANYTHING!

    keep on moving forward! <333 we believe in you.