Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ProZac Withdrawals

I still haven't gotten a call from Walgreens saying my medication is ready for pick up. I went there yesterday but they said they were waiting for doctor authorization. I called my doctor and he said he had already done it and called it in. 

This would be no big deal if it was anything other than ProZac. I haven't taken any for a week now and I'm definitely feeling the effects. Racing thoughts. Insomnia. OCD is becoming debilitating. The desire to self harm.

It's making choosing recovery difficult. I'm still doing it- I don't want to go back now- but I feel as though I'm taking the "act opposite" skill they taught inpatient to a whole new level. I suppose I should feel proud of myself. I simply feel tired. 


  1. i know what it feels like to be off of meds i never been off my meds for that long , maybe like three days but i know the should feel proud of yourself :), i'm proud for you, have a good night. xoxo bre

  2. Hang in there hun, im sure it won't be for much longer x

  3. I've had severe OCD/insomnia since I was a child and know how bad it sucks (my therapist says I don't stand a chance to recover from my ED if I don't get my OCD under control)...don't lose faith in yourself, they'll get your meds eventually (sooner rather than later, I hope)...keep holding on, we're proud of you for making it this long!!! <3