Sunday, February 5, 2012


Today was an okay day. Super Bowl party went alright. It was nice to have lots of people at our house, though to be honest, I don't really care about football so I got bored by half-time. I didn't binge! Yay! Definitely ate more than usual though and my stomach isn't so happy with me :/ Still, I didn't binge and I think that's a first :) My dad made these DELICIOUS lettuce wraps and they were healthy so I didn't feel too bad about that! I also had a greek yogurt, and the only dessert type food was apple slices with caramel. I think that's what saved my butt because if there was other treats like cookies or chocolate, bingeing would have been ten times more tempting. I ended up eating a bunch of apple slices and only one piece with a bit of caramel on it. Overall, pretty good for the afternoon party!

OH! Since I've gotten home from Remuda this summer, I've had hot chocolate nearly every night and never feel guilty about it. It's funny because inpatient I was too scared to try the hot chocolate and never had it while in treatment those three months, but when I got home, it became a tradition. Anyways, my newest thing is having my hot chocolate with unsweetened almond milk! *victory dance* No longer am I too scared to have my hot chocolate with anything more than water! I couldn't be happier and it's so delicious :P

I'm actually not looking forward to work tomorrow which is odd because usually I'm ready to get back to work by Sunday evening. i think it's because I've found handling my eating disorder is more difficult at work lately. I don't know if it's the pressure to perform and dealing with disappointing my coworkers by making mistakes, but I end up struggling more with those relentless thoughts of self-hatred at work than at home. 

There's things I'm really looking forward to this week though! I'm going to coffee with Andi on Tuesday morning, group therapy is starting up again on Wednesday, and I'm getting my hair cut and colored on Saturday! So here's to a better week than last week for everyone!

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  1. hey rae! i was just coming on to ur page to ask how ur superbowl party went, and i'm glad to hear that you didn't binge and that you even went the distance to undertake some food challenges! awesome! gold star! keep at it! its understandable that combatting ur eating disorder is hard- and all-consuming work...maybe work will help take your mind off it for a bit tho! xoxo a