Sunday, February 12, 2012

Up and Down

This weekend has had its ups and downs...Yesterday was a definite UP. I was incredibly lazy and enjoyed it. Went on a walk, got pampered at the salon and got my hair trimmed and recolored my signature red/purple. I read books for the rest of the day and in the evening, I put together Valentines day goodie bags for people at work. Last year, I had to go back to the store multiple times to buy more chocolates because I kept bingeing/purging on them. This time, I was able to be ALONE in the house, put together the goodie bags, and NOT binge on them! YAY ME! Oh, and I did my nails yesterday haha

Now TODAY was definitely a downer. Of course, the day I decide to make a YouTube video about bingeing, I end up bingeing AND purging four times. And ironically, I should have taken my own advice I shared in my vid because I set myself up by restricting. It's so easy to see the truth, but much more difficult to LIVE it. 

Despite not having a great day food wise, I'm actually staying positive because I HAVE had some pretty significant victories this week. So ED, leave me alone why don't ya?! 

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  1. How do you do your nails like that?