Saturday, February 4, 2012

Preparing for the Super Bowl

So those of you who are not American and have no idea how incredibly insane people get about american football- oh, it's a BIG thing here and the biggest game of the year is the Super Bowl. Truth is, I don't remember who is playing against who, but that part doesn't really matter to many of us. It's about getting together with friends and throwing a Super Bowl Party. It's about the commercials that are fantabulous . It's about the food and beer (no alcohol at my home though) and simply getting together with friends and watching a game on TV we may or may not really care about. It's about half time and Madonna's performance....I guess I could have simply said: It's a traditional cultural thing.

Problem: It involves an insane amount of food and many opportunities to binge and purge.

My mom approached my on the subject this morning. She said when she sees I'm bingeing in a group like setting, she can't breathe. It's horrible for her. So we made a plan. I have certain foods I'm sticking to: fruit, veg, greek yogurt, 100 cal that are safe for me that I can eat whatever of. I'm going to stay away from pretty much everything else, no matter how appetizing or incredibly appealing it looks. If my mom sees me bingeing, she'll pull me to the side and we'll go for a car drive to get coffee or something- anything to stop me from bingeing and purging.

I really REALLY want tomorrow to be an enjoyable time spent with friends and family. I hope this plan works!

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  1. I hear ya on the group setting binges. parties ALWAYS end up more enjoyable when I stay strong though, no matter how tempted I may be in the moment. You're really smart to have a plan, and lucky to have people in your family who care about you. Have a wonderful time and show ed who's boss!