Monday, January 2, 2012

An Amazing Day!

Nothing special happened, but today turned out to be the best day I've had in quite a long time! I slept in which felt glorious. Last night I was fighting with my eating disorder about what today was going to look like. Ed wanted me to go on a 4 hour long walk, not eat anything but my two cups of coffee with cream (which isn't food).

I ended up cleaning my room, played around with my make-up too!

I made a YouTube video about my New Years Resolutions this year, read a book, went on a beautiful LONG walk...ahhh so nice! Plus, I've eaten throughout the day and haven't purged. I haven't felt this good in a LONG time. It's nice :) Especially after a particularly rough day yesterday.

The only appointment I have this week is a doctor's appointment tomorrow. My therapist is out of town and I cancelled my appointment with my dietician Viv. She was actually cool with it. I explained to her that I'm actually doing really good and I need a break from appointments. I would cancel my doctors appointment as well, but it's been two months since I've been and I'm supposed to have an appointment every month.

I was nervous for my doctor's appointment because I have lost a little weight, but I think it'll be okay. I mean, it's only a couple pounds and with all my clothes on + breakfast + coffee, I don't think it'll show.

I FEEL SO GOOD! Can I just say I LOVE to feel happy and content? :)

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