Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grocery Stores

It wasn't until I was putting the groceries in my car that I realized...everything I bought was so eating disordered. The only thing missing is some magazines, laxatives, and a 12-pack of diet coke.

Challenge for myself: buy something NOT binge food, NOT safe food- something just challenging enough for me.


  1. I hope you're seeing your nutritionist and or therapist again? So you can think through so foods which are a bit more challenging? Otherwise you're on a lot of boosts! Which will only remind you of less recovered days.
    I know you'll know if you read my blog this is probably hypocritical but you are doing so well at recovery. It is a process there are back steps and forward ones. I don't see myself as better by any means and I'm a bit lost on trying because it is so much more than weight gain but yeh anyway. Take care of yourself because you really deserve it, everyone deserves health xxx

  2. Grocery shopping is difficult for me as well... I have a spot on my site where I go into the statistics regarding those with eating disorders and grocery shopping... but needless to say you're not alone.

    I have to really calm myself before going and do some self soothing after... and plan plan plan... because I can't not do it... as when I do I just don't eat.

  3. I wish I could pick my own foods, I'm to young I still live w/ my parents and they control EVERYTHING. I'd get every thing u got just less of it and then I'd live off it 4 2 weeks:/ hmmmm maybe I should rethink my diet