Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Meds

I've been pretty inconsistent with my medications, which might be why I'm either extremely high or extremely low. I decided it might help to actually organize my pills and found two pill cases I bought a long time ago but never used. I think what really discourages me from taking my meds is how freaking many there are to take. My calcium and pre-natal vitamins are so huge, I sometimes "forget" to take them. SO I bought the chewable calcium (caltrate-vanilla flavored!) and pre-natal vitamin gummies  (fruity delicious). I remember inpatient I refused to have the chewables, because of the extra calories, but now I don't worry about it as much. *step in recovery!*

The two pill cases are all my "morning meds." I need two more pill cases for my "throughout-the-day meds" and "nighttime meds." 

I feel like an old person sometimes, especially using pill cases :/

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