Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend Plans :)

I met with my dietician, Viv, for coffee this morning. We picked a Starbucks we both don't normally visit, but of course, someone recognized me the minute I walked in the door. One of the anesthesiologists at my workplace was there with some friends. He's a nice older man and was really sweet when we chatted. AND OF COURSE, I saw my mom's friend who was bulimic, my sister's husband, and my dad's best friend. What a potentially awkward moment! It was fine though, just kind of funny I'd see so many people I know when I was trying to go as unnoticed as possible.

It was nice to talk to Viv and let her know what's been going on in my head. It made me feel less hopeless and like I'm actually not doing as terrible as I sometimes feel I'm doing. AND we talked about exercising which I would LOVE to start doing. It gives me some motivation to be consistently healthy and gain a bit of weight. 

I HAVE BIG PLANS FOR TONIGHT! There's a christmas work party at The Davenport Hotel, which is this historic old, very classy hotel downtown. There's going to be 300 people, a sit down dinner, dancing, a DJ- all in the biggest ballroom. I'm bringing my friend Rissa and we splurged and got a hotel room for the night! It's going to be dressy and I am stressing out on what to wear but I've got a few outfits picked out. The sit-down dinner part I've been worrying about all week, but I'm in a good frame of mind today. 

I ate a good breakfast this morning- oatmeal w/ banana, brown sugar and milk. HELL YES! I know if I do what I usually do- restrict all day- I'll end up bingeing and purging at the party. I really want to have a good time and ENJOY myself, so I'm going to tell Ed to fuck off and eat throughout the day. 

Now if only Rissa would ANSWER HER PHONE. 

:P wish me luck!


  1. All the luck in the world to youu! I'm rooting for you :) xo

  2. Lol, answer ur phone!!! (1 month ago…yeahhhh I need a life:/)