Saturday, January 14, 2012

Food For Thought

I am SO HAPPY it's the weekend!!! Seriously, I couldn't be more grateful. I felt so sad yesterday for some reason, work was tedious and it felt like the day would never end. But it ended should I say this, plenty to think about.

Okay, so one of my closest friends is so wonderful and I really love her! She's always so busy and we don't see each other enough, especially after I got home from treatment. I think we've hung out twice in the past six months, and each time I could tell she was holding a lot back. She texts me and lets me know she loves me and asks how I'm doing, but other than that, she's been quite distant. I had no idea what she was holding back, I just knew she's the kind of person who thinks of others first and doesn't like to share her problems because she doesn't want to be a burden to anyone (which she never is btw!).

Well, we were chatting via text last night, and she was finally able to get out everything she was keeping from me, but she was scared to death it might ruin our friendship. Turns out she's been struggling with bulimia and it's gotten pretty bad. She's been doing outpatient treatment since November and working on it, but she didn't want me to know any of this because she didn't want it to trigger me or make my recovery more difficult.

I was completely FLABBERGASTED! (Yes, if you're reading this Andi, I was a bit shocked). I knew something was going on but for some reason the fact that my best friend is struggling with an eating disorder too, just didn't occur to me. I knew she had low self-esteem and body image issues but I didn't know it became a full blown-out ED,

Anyways, I was SO RELIEVED she told me, and she was too. I can't believe she's been holding this in for so long and fighting it by herself. We're going to coffee today in a bit so it'll be so nice to actually TALK and really catch up, not holding anything back.

Other than seeing my dear friend today, I'm playing a new video game I got for my brother and I- it's called Skyrim and it's a huge RPG PS3 game. I used to be really into playing video game when I was growing up, but I've lost interest in them ever since my brother Tyler died. It reminds me so much of him...Maybe I can enjoy playing video games again?

I'm also seeing Beauty and the Beast in 3D at the theater with my little cousins, so that should be fun :) I'll let you guys know how today goes! Hope you're all doing well!!!!

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